Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scandalous Desires

by Elizabeth Hoyt

Do not mock me for my love of romance novels. They are pure escapist works, that take you completely away from the day to day with fantastic humorous and emotional writing. I love them. They are my thing. That being said....

Who doesn't love a romance novel featuring a proper girl and a charismatic pirate? And not just ANY pirate, oh no. But an IRISH pirate. Can it get any better? This is the third book in the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt, and it's the one that I've been waiting for since I read book number one. When we are introduced to the characters in the first book, Mickey (the Irish pirate) horribly destroys Silence's (our heroine) marriage and leaves a baby on her doorstep. Their story progresses throughout the second novel, but this book finally gives the satisfaction that Maiden Lane readers have been waiting for. It does have a bit of a throwback plot (E.g. 80's romance novels were all about pure girls being kidnapped by pirates), but with much more modern and sensible writing. Each character has obvious flaws, and it's interesting to see how their love brings about change in each of them. Elizabeth Hoyt is a pretty unique romance novelist, whose books are either hit or miss. This one, I would classify as on target. Although the premise may be slightly unrealistic (who gets bribed by a hunky Irish pirate to come to his castle and live with him?), the book is a quick read, enjoyable, and one of the best of Hoyt's works (a much improved follow up to Notorious Pleasures). There is a bit in the middle that dragged a bit, and I might have edited out as not necessary to the plot, but overall it was a very fun. If this were a Netflix review, I would give it three to four stars for "really liked it".