Monday, June 13, 2011


by Veronica Roth

If you have been living under a rock, then you might not know about the wave of futuristic dystopian society novels that have been hitting the young adult section. The pinnacle of this genre is perhaps the well-known Hunger Games series. (Side note: If you have NOT read this book series.... turn off your computer right now and get yourself to the nearest bookstore, library, or friend's house to get yourself a copy! ... I'm not kidding. Do it. Right. Now.) For those of you still reading this entry, Divergent is a mix of the Hunger Games and The Giver. Which makes it fantastic. In this society, you are born into one of five factions that dictates your lifestyle, personality and actions. At the age of sixteen, however, you have the choice to stay with your faction, or choose a new one to join. For Beatrice, the initiation experience leads to her leaving home and re-naming herself Tris. As she deals with changing factions, she learns about herself and the commonalities/differences between the different factions. Through it all she finds a strength in herself that she doubted she possessed. This, plus an intriguing hero and the discovery of an underhanded plot to destroy the current factional system adds up to a dynamic book that had me staying up way past my bedtime. So while you're out getting yourself a copy of the Hunger Games, make sure that you pick up a copy of Divergent too!

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